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Boston University Assistant Professor Kristi Lewton wasn't convinced that a wide pelvis made runners and walkers less efficient. (Credit: Jackie Ricciardi/Boston University)

Boston University Assistant Professor Kristi Lewton wasn’t convinced that a wide pelvis made runners and walkers less efficient. (Credit: Jackie Ricciardi/Boston University)

Do wide hips make for a bad biped? A fascinating anthropological study examining the history of the pelvis was published in March and is being used to debunk the theory that a wide pelvis, possibly better for childbearing, make running and walking more inefficient. I have a feeling PTs, especially those who specialize in women’s health, will find the study captivating.If you don’t have time to dive into the study itself, Futurity.org published Wide hips aren’t worse for getting around–a great summary on their blog.
A surgery standard under fire, recently published in the NY Times, examines how a growing number of physicians and researchers are growing critical of 30-day mortality as a measure of surgical success. That seemingly innocuous metric, they argue, may actually undermine appropriate care, especially for older adults. Why it’s relevant to you as a physical therapist: PTs need to position themselves as trusted healthcare providers for aging adults. Preventing injury through balance training, prescribed exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can often prevent risky surgical procedures for older adults.
May is Arthritis Awareness Month, and I think it goes without saying why this is relevant to your patient population. Safe weight loss, a guided exercise routine, and education are all tools that PTs can offer to patients living with arthritis. During the month of May, I encourage you to share success stories, exercise tips, and talk to your community about physical therapy’s role in the treatment of arthritis. Now is the time to plan and get writing!
New Techniques for Treating Plantar Fasciitis from competitor.com
I’ve seen this posted by several of my runner friends this week. Full disclosure: this article was authored by a chiropractor. What’s your take on these techniques? What’s different about the way a D.C. approaches treating runners with plantar fasciitis? Talk about it. Your runner patients will appreciate the transparency.
Polish nurse cat may be the cutest in medical practitioner in history
Everyone loves a feel-good story. This one made my heart melt. It’s true–a loving healthcare provider is good for everyone–even animals.

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