I’m Sarah Leigh, Graphic Designer here at Vantage. I’ll be periodically posting about branding, marketing, and design. If you have any ideas for future topics, or want to learn more about design here at Vantage, email me!
You may be in the beginning stages of branding your own clinic. Perhaps you are looking to re-vamp some outdated advertising. Either way, (good) branding is an invaluable asset to your business. And it certainly doesn’t stop with the logo!
After that all-important brandmark is finished, you’ve opened your doors, and you’re looking to attract new patients, there will come a time when you need to use some photography for your marketing campaign. Perhaps you’ve hired a photographer to professionally shoot your clinic and staff. But you may not want your mugshot plastered on a billboard, reminiscent of a cheap real estate agent ad. After all, your practice is about your patient.
Lucky for you, most medically-related stock photography out there leaves something to be desired (at best.) Choosing tasteful, meaningful, and exciting (yes, I said exciting) photography can really be a chance for you to shine. Let’s look at some examples to check out the playing field.

Using images of staff that aren’t really your staff can be a bit confusing. This image of a receptionist or medical biller is fine, but what’s it really saying about your practice?

While attractive, young doctors wearing white lab coats and smiling into the camera aren’t offensive, the image certainly isn’t special or personal.


Generic is safe, but it’s also boring.

Your patients don’t live their life being airbrushed for photo shoots, and neither do you. Instead of trying to use stock photography to put a face to your office, clinic, or yourself, think about using tasteful images to convey emotion, feeling, or lifestyle. Are you a physical therapist with a large patient base of competitive athletes? Images like the ones below are more subtle, but reference competition, action, and performance.

Action shots of athletes can be cropped to create more interest.

Doesn’t this image just make you feel good? An image can really say “health and wellness” through subtlety.

Notice how the above image stays general enough to work in a variety of settings. There are no team names or recognizable faces. This obviously isn’t an NBA game, but it could be college or high school. There are no scary grimacing faces, and the action is interesting. You certainly want to be aware of references used in these situations.

I really like the warm lighting and composition in the above shot. I can see it being used in an ad like the one below.

Perhaps you’re focused more on general wellness and lifestyle. Everyone loves to see a happy, healthy face, so don’t shy away from using people in your photography choices. Be mindful of the ethnic variety in your community, and reflect that in your photographic choices. Below are some images we’re using for an upcoming website for our great clients at Vista Rehab out of Texas.

If you have a mix of patients—old, young, and in between—make sure you are using marketing images that feature (happy & healthy!) people in all stages of life.

Getting your patients back to work after an injury is one of your goals. This image portrays someone doing just that…and it doesn’t feel fake or staged.


Soft lighting makes for feel-good photography.

I love this image. The lighting and composition are great, and the subjects look natural.

I suppose this is a bit of a personal rallying cry for more thoughtful marketing in healthcare. We like to look for the subtle differences that will make you stand out from the crowd. Your practice deserves it!

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