Physical therapy websites built with your patients in mind.

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Patients want simple.
A good PT website should…

Speak to the Patient

You don’t build trust and make connections through the heavy use of clinical jargon. That’s why our sites strive to speak the client’s language, focusing less on what you as a clinic can do and more about how your work can improve lives.

Essential Info Up Front

Who are you? What services do you provide? Where’s your clinic. How can I be in touch about my pain or movement issues? We don’t bury this information behind links. Be forward, and be rewarded with more calls.

Entice a Phone Call

We know you have a lot to say. PTs are natural educators, after all. But the 2020 Healthcare Consumer isn’t interested in digging through reams of clinical info. Instead, all BuildPT sites are designed to lead visitors toward strong calls to action.

Be Scalable

As your clinic grows, your site can grow with you. Once your baseline site is complete, circling back to add service pages, PT bios, location pages, add’l patient resources, and more powerful social media functionality is relatively simple.

Key BuildPT Go Website Features

All of our BuildPT Go websites are designed with the 2020 Healthcare Consumer in mind. Our websites are designed to be attractive, fast and easily accessible, all while quickly leading clients to the information they require. Our key PT website features include:

Responsive for Mobile

Your site will auto-adjust to remain attractive and readable across all devices and screen sizes. Why is this important? Since 2014, smartphone users have outnumbered desktop users. Don’t ignore half the market!

A Clinic Blog

Share relevant and timely info about your clinic, all while fueling SEO by giving the search engines what they crave: valuable, searchable content. A blog is the heart of content marketing efforts and offers you great social media fodder.

An Attractive Homepage

Get to the point quickly, while leaving a lasting impression. That’s what our homepages are designed to do, quickly telling a story about your clinic while leading readers to important contact info and calls to action.

Powerful Calls To Action

Find us. Give us a call. Sign up for our newsletter. Tell us what ails you by filling out this secure form. Every step of the way, your site will inform about PT and your clinic while enticing visitors to reach out for more info.

Ready-To-Go Content

We know you don’t have time to write a bunch of new web content from scratch. That’s why we’ve done much of the work for you. Tap into our library of service and FAQ content, which you can edit as needed.

SEO Ready

Your site will feature base-level search engine optimization (SEO) thanks to our library of available service content and BuildPT’s formulaic URL structure.

Beautiful designs across all devices.

All BuildPT websites are designed to appear beautifully across all devices, be they smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
See our BuildPT Go Website Layouts

$0 Money Down

That’s right — you can get a new website without a single penny down. Rooted in our love of the physical therapy profession is the belief that every PT who wants a website should be able to have one. So we created our web development services around a model that knocks down one of the greatest barriers keeping PTs from the web presence they deserve: price.