Get new patients! Lead generation for physical therapy clinics

Get Local and Reach New Patients.

BuildPT Local: A lead generation service for PTs

At BuildPT, we offer a strategic lead generation package exclusively for physical therapy clinics so they can track the ROI of their marketing investment. Our lead generation product “Local” provides targeted paid ads which gives the PT views and clicks within their market.

Local = “reach your prospects, get patients”.

About “Local” our Lead Generation Service for Physical Therapy Clinics


Clicks are driven through Google search, display and social ads


Every click is from a targeted audience and a potential new patient


Campaigns are optimized regularly and budget shifted to best producing platforms


The goal is to drive conversions to your website or landing page

Affordable pricing

We get the most out of our monthly budget and still provide the highest quality and volume of clicks to your website or landing page. Our lead generation packages start at a minimum of 80 clicks per month and range 600+.

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