Print newsletters provide yet another avenue for engaging & educating physical therapy clients and referral sources.

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Amplify: Print Newsletter for Physical Therapists

Digital is king, but print materials still have a place in content marketing. Some clients still want something to hold, to take with them, to read on their own time, which is why each Amplify client is provided with print-ready files of their monthly content for use both within and outside the clinic. Use them to keep in touch, to establish new relationships, or simply as value-added for current patients.

Attractive, branded layout

Each monthly print newsletter is designed on a one-page template that features each clinic’s logo and contact information, ensuring it’s both inviting and easily identifiable.

Print-ready, or share digitally

Delivered as printable PDF files, our newsletters are versatile. Print for in-office distribution or to take to networking meetings and events, or distribute to contacts digitally via email.

Connect with referral network

Use your print newsletters – either on paper or as PDF files – to break the ice as you reach out to local physicians, specialists, athletic clubs, schools, etc., to expand your referral network.

See our print newsletters from our real Amplify PT client’s below:

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