“Patient workshop strategies that will FILL your room to capacity”

Thurs. August 24th. 1:30 pm EST.

Presented by Tannus Quatre PT, MBA and Esaie Aime, PT

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5 Step Sales for PTs Who HATE Sales by Tannus Quatre [recording] <click here, register, and watch>
  • Love it! The problem presented and an available solution strategy for this problem were clearly and effectively discussed by the speaker!
  • Tannus always provides insightful, practical tips for therapists looking to grow their practices. When applied, the guidelines he recommends truly do build therapy practices.
  • Tannus’ presentation was lively/engaging and you could tell that he understands our profession. Marketing and sales is not always near and dear to a Physical Therapist and he demystifies this topic and makes it easy to understand!
Do you take my insurance? by Tannus Quatre & Jerry Durham [recording] <click here, register, and watch>
  • Value packed webinar. This will change the way we answer the phone, talk to customers, and will guide us for going OON.
  • Let current BuildPT clients have access to prior webinars.   Content was focused and effectively presented.  Slides were simple and to the point, not too busy.
  • Topic was extremely relevant to my business model… I will be working to make these changes with the next potential clients who call.
Adding SERIOUS Value by Creating AWESOME Communities by Tannus Quatre & Sean Hagey [recording] <click here, register, and watch>
  • Webinar was very engaging, very insightful information.
  • Presenters were extremely knowledgeable. Looking forward to the next webinar!
  • Content was focused and effectively presented.
BuildPT Webinar Presenters
Tannus Quatre

Tannus Quatre

Business Owner, Speaker, PT

Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA is founder of Vantage Clinical Solutions, a business-services firm serving the revenue cycle and marketing needs of PTs in private practice for over 10 years.  Tannus is an author, speaker and innovator in the areas of business development for PTs, and he leads the BuildPT team in the delivery of game-changing digital and content marketing for PTs throughout the US.  Tannus is a graduate of UCSF (physical therapy, ’99) and Duke University (business, ’06), and lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife and three children.
Jerry Durham

Jerry Durham

Clinic Owner, Speaker, PT

Jerry is co-founder of San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, consultant and nationally recognized expert and speaker on physical therapy practice strategy. His mission is putting patients first and he delivers compelling insight on patient engagement and the virtues of the provider – patient relationship. Jerry has been a Physical Therapist for 24 yrs and a Business Owner.  He is on the forefront of the movement around patient engagement leading to great outcomes and how to own and operate a thriving business whether you accept insurance or are strictly cash based, simply by cultivating great patient relationships. Healthcare DisruPTion, a podcast Jerry hosts, is all about the patients, customers, clients and ultimately the consumers of Healthcare who are the end users! Jerry LOVES his wife, poodles and the SF Giants (that order can change regularly)… And yes you will hear R-rated four letter words…he can’t help himself
Sean Hagey

Sean Hagey

Founder of GetPT1st, PTA

Sean Hagey, PTA, is the founder of GetPT1st, the greatest public facing awareness campaign in the history of the world. Sean is a home health therapist and marketing consultant. He is a storyteller, problem solver, Mensan, and musician. Sean lives with his family in Kansas City, the BBQ center of the universe.